Our 5030 and 10030 type PowerAccu is used to supply power to vehicles in exhibition halls and other showrooms where charging of gassing automotive accumulators is not permitted.

Our PowerAccus are used to power vehicles in a very discreet manner. The vehicle appears in its standard condition when a prospective buyer decides to take a closer look at the vehicle’s comfort and equipment. This is accomplished by accommodating the PowerAccu in a design like a standard car battery.

This makes installation and removal extremely simple. The space of the original battery is used; in vehicles with a separate battery concept this is the space used for the supply battery. An inconspicuous power cable is routed to the outside so that the integrated charger is connected to the local power supply.
The technology used in our PowerAccus features a very high level of environmental compatibility. Up to 90 percent efficiency is achieved in the process.

Our PowerAccus have versatile characteristics. Due to the gas-tight construction, they can also be transported by air. In addition, the technology used prevents self-discharge of the accumulator or capacity limitation due to the memory effect. As a result, this integrated buffer battery still enables the vehicle to be started several times, for example, to move it short distances at trade fairs.

Find more information about our PowerAccu here.

In the next product generation, an embedded data logger will record important parameters, such as current state of charge, past charge and discharge cycles and temperature profiles, and will be used to assess the SOH—”State of Health”.


  • High efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Gas-tight design
  • Power supply firmly connected
  • No memory effect, no self-discharge