Loudspeaker testing device

If a built-in loudspeaker causes the adjoining components or surrounds to vibrate, this often causes unwanted noise. The Rattle & Noise Check loudspeaker testing device (RNC) controls any loudspeaker in a specific frequency range and at the correct level. This allows the loudspeaker and its installation environment to be checked for resonance and noise in the early stages of development.

A major advantage of the RNC is that it is transportable.
As such it can be used with little effort in development and service departments to gain initial insights into the behavior of the loudspeaker and its environment.

In order to control the respective loudspeaker in the correct frequency range and with the correct power, the corresponding parameters are saved on a storage medium which then allows the RNC to be configured for the required application.

During the test phase, using a correctly pre-configured storage medium, the loudspeaker testing device outputs exactly the test signals that are equivalent to the signal that the loudspeaker receives from the amplifier in real operation. This ensures testing is conducted within the specified and non-destructive range of the loudspeaker. The testing device only accepts SD cards as storage media. These can be exchanged in the testing device and are protected against change and overwriting.


  • Wave player, single and loop mode, start, stop, pause, skip
  • Display and control units accessible both from the front and top
  • Sine generator manually tunable
  • Noise generator (white or pink noise)
  • Boost function (temporary power boost)
  • Power supply via mains socket
  • Parameterization via SD cards with any audio and configuration data