Motorcycle data logger

for measurements in the field of motorcycle development

Areas of application

  • Endurance testing
  • Driving tests on the race track
  • Widespread testing
  • Special measurement technology, e.g. vibration measurements

Special features

  • Compact and closed housing
  • “Rugged” Construction for direct use on the motorcycle incl. Connectors and wiring harness from racing
  • Logging of CAN/CAN FD with up to 12 buses, Ethernet and special analog sensors possible


  • Statistical analysis of measurement data
  • All-in-one solution:
    • Import of measurement data (e.g. 2D format .MES, MDF4 or others) 
    • Selection of time periods
    • Combination of measurement data
    • Statistical evaluation and analysis
    • Creation of automatic reports (Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Analysis and progress of measurement campaigns
  • Comparison of routes/laps/measurements


  • Speed
  • Engine speed
  • Motor temperature
  • Throttle position
  • Inclined position
  • Acceleration
  • Driving modes
  • Switching operations
  • DTC regulations
  • Brakes/ABS brake
  • Outdoor temperature
  • GPS_map display / altitude profile


  • 2D import (.MES)
  • MDF import (*.DAT, *.MDF or *.MF4)
  • more possible when ordering modules

All versions:
  • WiFi
  • Wireless
  • GBit Ethernet


  • Single license
  • Basic function for offline analysis of measurements
  • Support incl.