Audio and acoustics

Our roots are in audio technology and acoustics.

Over the decades, we have continued to develop our specific expertise in audio technology and acoustics. We offer customized acoustic and audio concepts, specialist planning services right through to product tendering, metrological investigations of real sound behavior and simulations for planned measures.

The simple control of all media and building technology components used via the media control system programmed by us rounds off the overall picture perfectly.

Our team is able to handle projects that an individual wouldn’t be in a position to do. With the right cooperation partner, any obstacles can be surmounted and targets reached. Areus Engineering’s network of partners is as multi-faceted as Areus itself.

Specialists from a wide range of fields have joined forces with Areus Engineering to form a skills network for the media technology sector. Tasks can now be tackled together on an integrated basis.

We can support you in the following areas of activities:

  • Development of acoustic concepts for car hifi systems
  • Acoustic measurement and adjustment of frequency response, time response, sound pressure and reverberation times
  • Simulation of the sound field using ULYSSES®
  • Driving point investigation to determine the ideal coupling point within a passenger cell
  • Competitive comparisons and evaluations
  • Development and production of test sequences for acoustic quality testing of audio systems in series production
  • Equalization and tuning of loudspeaker and sound systems
  • Acoustic measurements and expert opinions of single loudspeakers according to DIN EN 60268 part 5
  • Audio measurements multi-channel analog and digital with Audio Precision® APx585

Acoustic and electrical system tuning

Audio systems must be designed and laid out for the respective application. After installation, the electrical and acoustic parameters are measured and evaluated.

With listening tests or sound checks and further measurements, iterative adjustments are made until an optimal sound experience is achieved.

With our audio and acoustics engineers’ decades of experience, we achieve the highest level of sound experience working with you to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Sound design

In our everyday lives, we’re constantly surrounded by noises generated by products. But it’s these noises that play a major role in how we interact with these products. We obtain information about the operating state and quality features of a product whether we’re aware of it or not.

Areus helps to capture, analyze and optimize the acoustic characteristics of products. Using our active exciters, we can create specific sounds to give products their own sophisticated sound image.   

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