Industrial testing and measurement technology

Test bench development

We develop and make test benches for all types of production settings. Our testing technology has proven itself in the rigors of everyday production with three-shift operation and quantities in the millions. We work with notable measuring tech manufacturers, in particular Keysight and National Instruments. 


Our Automatic Test Bench (ATB) is already in productive use at major OEMs.


Thanks to the combination of hardware and software expertise, we have the necessary insight into our customers and their products to offer complete customized solutions.

Since the parts to be tested frequently still have no protective housing, meaning that the entire electronics are freely accessible, we pay particular attention to a consistent ESD protection concept. This includes the design of the mechanics, electronics and electrics. All components used are designed for industrial suitability, long-term stability and easy maintenance.


Test benches for

  • Functional and end-of-line tests
  • Trimming / calibration
  • Fully automatic or manual testing
  • Optical inspection
  • Communication test
  • High voltage / power current

Requirements at a glance

  • Programming of the test specimen with corresponding firmware
  • Testing of electrical and optical characteristics
  • Monitoring of the current test sequence on the computer
  • Marking of the test specimens with barcodes or the like
  • Backup of test reports in databases
  • Observance of short cycles
  • High overall system availability

Our references