Electronic development

Thinking ahead. Finding better solutions.

We develop analog/digital and mixed signal circuits and take care of all project steps from conception to series production. We always use state-of-the-art tools to meet the requirements of the competition.

An integrated and optimized workflow from the circuit diagram, simulation and layout to the tuning of the mechanics enables efficient development and short time-to-market times. We assemble and manufacture prototypes and small series in-house.

We develop firmware on almost all existing microcontroller platforms. Our focus is on the ARM architecture. However, we also work with PIC, HC08 and other systems.

We use the latest tools and methodologies for static code analysis. Thanks to our know-how and experience with software modules, we are able to work with almost all common communication interfaces (e.g. CAN, SPI, I²C, SDIO, USB, Ethernet).

We work in partnership with the processor manufacturers, above all STmicro and Microchip. We always use the latest Microsoft technologies in our developments. Quality, testability and reusability are our primary development goals.

Development projects

We develop microcontroller firmware for household appliance electronics. These are mainly series control electronics for hobs (radiant heating and induction) and extractor hoods. The software is designed in such a way that complete product families with corresponding variants can be easily mapped.

State-of-the-art sensor technology, such as infrared or capacitive touch sensors, enables extensive operating concepts with menu structures and detailed setting options for the end user. Our experience in HMI “Human Machine Interface” from automotive engineering leads to coherent and intuitive operating concepts.

Our knowledge and experience:

  • Infrared sensors for touch operation
  • Capacitive touch sensor technology for single sensors and sensor matrices with multi-point operation
  • Control of induction generators
  • Diagnostic communication on various typical household appliance bus systems such as (DBUS, MBUS, LIN, etc.)
  • Software development for functional safety
     / IEC60730 Class B
  • Implementation of remote control solutions 
  • Realization of complex operating concepts
  • Optimization of power consumption in standby mode

Automatic testing technology for household appliance sensors

Automated testing technology has been developed in close cooperation with our customers for testing and calibrating position sensors for use in household appliances. Areus developed control software based on an industrial computer. A controlled current source can be used to generate precise, spatially homogeneous and temporally constant magnetic fields for sensor calibration. An air conditioning unit has also been integrated for the necessary temperature equalization.

The actual calibration data is calculated from the measurement data obtained using statistical methods and programmed into the microcontroller using the firmware of the position sensor. The software controls the programming device completely independently, loads the firmware and calibration data and programs both onto the sensor’s controller.

Our references