Breakout boxes are used in ECU development, are very universally applicable and allow easy accessibility to all relevant ECU signals. They facilitate the development and testing of electronic systems. Breakout boxes save time and costs, as different configurations can be tested to find the optimal solution. It can also minimize errors and problems when connecting devices.


With our new variant – specifically optimized for amplifier and loudspeaker testing – engineers and technicians can now perform amplifier and loudspeaker tests even faster and more effectively:


  • The breakout box is connected between the original vehicle wiring harness or a test setup and the amplifier.
  • Interruption of a loudspeaker channel to simulate a cable breakage  
  • Possibility to connect another speaker instead of the original speaker 
  • Led out debug signals enable recording of debug information
  • The accessible CAN bus can record CAN traces or additionally feed messages from the bus

Amplifier-only mode

  • Breakout box is connected to the amplifier on one side only
  • The second cable end remains unconnected
  • Power supply of the amplifier, transmission and reception of CAN signals through standardized 4 mm lab jacks
  • Additional laboratory socket enables testing of the mute function
  • Possibility to short-circuit speaker channel to perform fault memory tests

Speaker-Only Mode

  • Connection of the breakoutbox on one side to the wiring harness in the vehicle in order to contact the installed loudspeakers
  • Loudspeakers can be conveniently contacted electrically via the lab jacks without modifying the original wiring harness
  • Possibility of installing an alternative amplifier in the vehicle trunk to test the original speakers with it