Areus Test Cube - DTC Testing

Diagnostic capability is required even for the smallest control units. As a basic functionality, it plays a key role in the development process, and it is crucial to be able to test and qualify diagnostic services at an early stage. Based on the flexible system concept of the Areus Test Cube (ATC), Areus offers optimal solutions for developing and testing diagnostic functions. Hardware and software modules interlock to simulate and verify diagnostic services and DTC functions.

The Areus Test Cube accommodates the DUT and provides power supply, communication interfaces, etc.

Its automation and measurement functions allow for fully automated tests, power cycles, overvoltage, undervoltage andwakeup tests.

The basic system can be flexibly extended with modules for fault simulation for a wide range of signal types.

Since the system is fully controlled via CAN, it can be quickly and easily integrated into existing test frameworks and programs.

In this way, fully automated, remotely controllable diagnostic test systems are created in the shortest possible time, which can be seamlessly integrated into the existing test infrastructure.

The Extention Unit

  • Modular concept
  • Modules for different signal classes
  • Easily expandable
  • CAN-controlled
  • Seamless integration in any test environment
  • Simple setup
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Low space requirement
  • Robust

Here you can download information about DTC Testing