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Fast, efficient and sustainable evaluation of measurement data is a major challenge for all industries. In the last few years alone, the volume of measurement data has multiplied. This is why it’s particularly important for the innovation-driven automotive and mechanical engineering industries, the automation sector and research and development, which rely on comprehensive testing, to have software that provides them with optimum support in this task: 

  • High-performance 
  • Fast and efficient
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Practice-oriented range of functions

TurboLab excels at analyzing, calculating and documenting measurement data. It was developed for measurement engineering by measurement engineers who know what matters.

Detailed context-sensitive online help (in German), will guide you through the process of learning how to use the software as well as helping you to solve complex tasks.  

Scriptable development environment for measuring technology applications and test benches:
  • Standard C-compatible script language
  • Learning mode for script creation through simple interactive operation
  • Extensive options for extending the TurboLab standard scope with special algorithms or command sequences
  • Creation of customized menus and dialogs
  • Automation of metrological processes up to complete test bench control
  • The TurboLab script language enables you to adapt the program to your individual requirements. You can add special algorithms, set up higher-level functions for frequently used command sequences or create menu interfaces completely tailored to your needs. TurboLab also learns a script by itself through simple interactive operation—so you don’t necessarily need to program everything yourself.


TurboLab signal analysis

The professional analysis software TurboLab with fast data browser and powerful tools for graphical and mathematical evaluation! 

Your operating system needs to be Microsoft Windows 10 or more recent versions such as Windows 11. 

Signal analysis:
  • Super-fast measurement data browser for convenient viewing of enormous amounts of data
  • Display of time, XY, 3D and 4D data
  • Comprehensive tools for data evaluation in the time and frequency range
  • Flexible formula processor with over 80 preconfigured functions
  • One- and two-dimensional classification of non-periodic signals (DIN 45667 and Rainflow)
  • Proven concept for the management of methods (procedures, tables, IIR filters, etc.)
  • Meaningful documentation in customizable reports
  • Integrated script language with learning mode for user-specific extensions
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Fast sifting of enormous amounts of data: up to 10 million measured values per second (or more)
  • Display of area data in 3D and 4D
  • Powerful formula processor with over 80 predefined functions
  • Informative documentation of your measurements and analyses with customized reports
  • Integrated script language with learning mode for your specific extensions

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