Excellent at testing!

What makes us unique in the field of testing? We always keep an eye on the entire system! Our customers receive individual solutions and concepts that are precisely tailored to the hardware and software to be tested. Understanding requirements and developing the optimal solution is what distinguishes our testing teams. From vehicle conversion to the complete planning of a test drive: our motivated teams are at your disposal in all areas. Our customers benefit from our expertise in the areas of:

  • Diagnostics
  • Augmented reality
  • System integration
  • Audio
  • Test vehicle modification
  • Testing and defect management
  • Test automation
  • Test drives


  • Verification of the diagnostic services and the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) using automatic test benches (ATB)
  • Verification of the implementation of the diagnostics feature in the control units as well as system cycle and response times using DiVa in automatic tests
  • Simulation and testing of every situation that can occur in the vehicle, starting in the 
  • pre-development phase 
  • Fully automatic diagnostic tests including analysis (ATB)
  • Verification of implementation of specification requirements
  • Verification of compliance with communication standards (DiVA) 
  • Residual bus simulation via Vector CANoe, ET-Framework or using areuBox
  • Coding of control units via diagnostics testers, e.g. Vector CANoe, ET-Framework or DTS Monaco
  • Automatic tests using test schedules created in-house
  • Documentation of the results based on tools
  • Component update via various tools
  • Creation and monitoring of tickets

Augmented reality

  • Initial planning / implementation of augmented reality testing 
  • Creation of test cases
  • Setup of the test environment as well as management, update and configuration of the telematics components
  • Documentation of test and analysis results
  • Database-supported error documentation
  • Analysis and reproduction of errors to determine the cause of errors
  • Identification of specification deviations
  • Supplier and customer management
  • Planning, execution and analysis of test drives


  • Test scheduling based on the planned development status as well as creation of test reports
  • Functional testing from system input to response
  • Simulation of the vehicle environment using test bench and residual bus simulation
  • Analysis of measured values
  • Tests in the vehicle
  • Electrical and acoustic measurements of amplifiers, loudspeakers and microphones

System integration

  • Acceptance tests prior to software rollout
  • Compatibility checks between hardware and software
  • Fast feedback of software quality
  • Verification of implementation of specification requirements
  • Testing of correct control unit communication (MOST, CAN, Ethernet)
  • Serious errors are detected ahead of the extensive field tests and can be rectified in advance.
  • Testing during development


  • Setup of new testing systems
  • Maintenance and support of running systems
  • Adaptation of running test benches to new project statuses
  • Coding, software updates and ECU commissioning in the vehicle
  • Vehicle conversions and upgrades with CAN gateways, data loggers, etc.
  • Individual and professional consultations for your project

Certification support

  • Test benches
  • Consulting for regulatory / non-regulatory certification
  • Termination adapter
  • Residual bus simulation
  • Customized HMI for lab applications
  • Support for certification authorities

Test vehicle modification

  • Workshop for prototype vehicles
  • Installation of test equipment
  • Integration of a special wiring harness
  • Prototype loudspeaker / ECU assembly
  • Data logger and device configuration
  • System testing
  • Vehicle logistics

Integration test—system test

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