Excellent at testing!

What makes us unique when it comes to testing? We always have your entire system in mind! We provide our customers with individual solutions and concepts precisely crafted for the hardware and software to be tested. What sets our testing team apart is its ability to grasp requirements and develop the optimal solution to meet them. From converting vehicles to full planning of a test drive: Our highly motivated teams are here to help you in all areas. Our customers benefit from our expertise and skills in the these areas:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Test drives
  • Ethernet protocol testing
  • Testing of sound / audio components
  • Modification of test vehicles


  • Verification of the diagnostic services and the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) using automatic test benches (ATB).
  • Verification of the implementation of the diagnostic software in the control units as well as cycle and response times of the system using DiVa in automatic tests
  • Simulation and testing of every situation that can occur in the vehicle, starting in the pre-development phase
  • Fully automatic diagnostic tests including analysis
  • Testing of the implementation of specification requirements
  • Verification of compliance with communication standards (DiVA)
  • Residual bus simulation via Vector CANoe or using areuBox
  • Coding of control units via Vector CANoe or DTS Monaco
  • Diagnostics and variant coding
  • Automatic tests using test schedules created in-house
  • Documentation of the results based on tools (e.g. HP ALM)
  • Component update via various tools

Augmented reality

  • Initial planning / implementation of augmented reality testing
  • Creation of test cases
  • Setup of the test environment as well as management, update and configuration of the telematics components
  • Documentation of test and analysis results
  • Database-supported error documentation
  • Analysis and reproduction of errors to determine the cause of errors
  • Identification of specification deviations
  • Supplier and customer management
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of test drives


  • Creation of specification documents for
    • HF antenna systems for entertainment features, e.g. mobile communications, GNSS, broadcast (terrestrial/satellite)
    • HF antenna systems for driving assistance systems / autonomous driving (mobile communications and GNSS)
    • HF tuner systems and antennas
    • Receiver platforms (radio/TV) for broadcast / IP / hybrid features
    • Linking of radio / TV applications with global IP services (server applications/micro services)
  • Creation, development and maintenance of specification documents for broadcast receivers, tuners (radio and TV), broadcast antenna amplifiers and antennas
  • Definition, modulation and tuning of use cases
  • Specification analysis and preparation of deviation lists
  • Supplier management, tailored to customer requirements
  • Creation of change requests
  • Research of new standards, technologies, features, interfaces and trends in the areas of broadcast, receivers, decoders and conditional access


  • Test scheduling based on the planned development status as well as creation of test reports
  • Functional testing from system input to response
  • Simulation of the vehicle environment using test bench and residual bus simulation
  • Diagnostic tests and evaluation of measured values and DTCs
  • Preparation and execution of endurance and HIL tests
  • Planning, preparation and execution of test drives
  • Electrical and acoustic measurements of amplifiers, loudspeakers and microphones

Integration test—system test

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  • Setup of new testing systems
  • Maintenance and support of running systems
  • Adaptation of running test benches to new project statuses
  • Coding and software updates
  • Vehicle conversions and upgrades with CAN gateways, data loggers, etc.
  • Individual and professional consultations for your project
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