Breakout box for sound amplifier facilitates amplifier and loudspeaker tests

Areus has developed a new breakout box that is specifically optimized for amplifier and loudspeaker testing.

The breakout box is a tool used in ECU development that provides easy access to all relevant ECU signals. With the new version, engineers and technicians can now perform amplifier and loudspeaker tests even faster and more effectively.

Due to its design, the breakout box can be used very universally and allows access to all relevant ECU signals.

In full setup mode, the breakout box is connected between the vehicle’s original wiring harness or a test setup and the amplifier The box then offers various options such as interrupting a speaker channel to simulate a cable break or connecting another speaker instead of the original speaker in the vehicle. The led out debug signals allow recording of debug information and the accessible CAN bus the possibility to record CAN traces or to additionally feed messages on the bus.

In amplifier-only mode, the breakout box is connected to the amplifier on one end only, while the second cable end remains unconnected. Through the standardized 4 mm lab jacks, the amplifier can be supplied with voltage, CAN signals can be sent or received and, if necessary, woken up. Another lab jack allows to test e.g. the mute function. As soon as the amplifier is ready for operation, the desired loudspeakers can be connected via the lab jacks. Alternatively, it is also possible to short-circuit a speaker channel in order to perform corresponding fault memory tests.

In speaker-only mode, the breakout box is connected on one side to the wiring harness in the vehicle to contact the installed speakers. These can then be conveniently contacted electrically via the lab jacks without modifying the original wiring harness. For example, an alternative amplifier can be installed in the vehicle trunk in order to test the original speakers with it.

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