AOI and ICT hybrid

During production, particular emphasis should already be placed on checking products for defects at an early stage to prevent cost-intensive process steps and to ensure high quality. With LightNails® we provide you with an efficient tool that helps to significantly increase ICT test coverage.

LightNails® combines the advantages of in-circuit testing with the benefits of automatic optical inspection. Components that cannot be tested electrically become optically testable by means of backscattering via optical fibers. Confined space conditions are irrelevant in this case.


The color backscattered from a good sample in a fiber optic cable is expected as the target state during testing. If the measured color or brightness deviates by an adjustable value, it is recognized as a defect. 

LightNails® can help you precisely when a directly evaluating optical system is out of the question for geometric or perspective reasons. Even in a cramped test adapter, the test coverage can be extended to include, for example, connectors, labels, block capacitors and mechanical components, without you having to allow for a longer test time or an additional process step.

LightNails® cab be used in function test and ICT adapters for extending an electrical test by an optical inspection component. Our Lightnails® are available as an individual in-line or stand-alone system.

Your advantages with LightNails®:

  • No additional process step
  • No lengthy test period
  • Smaller space requirements
  • Easy handling

Other features:

  • Flexible statistical analysis
  • Remote operation, automated by ICT test environment
  • 264 channels can be tested simultaneously.

*In terms of test coverage of a conventional ICT