Pssstt… Our acoustic absorbers come along quietly

Where our acoustic absorbers are used, it becomes pleasantly quiet… Especially in an open-plan office, acoustics are a crucial factor influencing stress levels and related work performance. The lower the noise, the more concentrated work is possible. With our acoustic absorbers, we offer you a simple and cost-effective solution for optimizing the reverberation time and thus reducing the perceived noise from employees or machines. With an absorption coefficient of up to α = 8.0, our acoustic elements efficiently ensure a pleasant feeling in the room. Perfect room acoustics is no coincidence! Thanks to acoustic measurements and evaluations of reverberation time, speech intelligibility, etc., we can develop the perfect concept for every room and need. You would like to improve the acoustics in your private household? We also supply in small quantities, at an attractive price!

Dunkles Deckenseegel, schräg abgehängt.

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