Hapto-acoustic feedback

New sensor switch technology

Sensor switches offer key advantages in terms of design and seamless implementation. By adding the haptic and acoustic feedback developed by Areus to these switches, they can emulate conventional switches.

For switch manufacturers, the innovative technology opens up entirely new applications.

A tangible and audible experience

With HAPAK, any surface can be stimulated haptically and acoustically. These surfaces may be hard and enclosed, but when pressed, it feels like a real switch has been actuated. This allows design, maximum hygiene and resistance to vandalism to be easily achieved.

Due to Areus’ innovation and the use of various sensor technologies, these surfaces can be used in many areas. The scope ranges from everyday applications in the home, such as cooking control panels and light switches, to applications in the automotive sector.

In public areas, control panels in elevators, intercom systems or pin entry at ATMs are prime examples of uses.

Acoustic feedback eliminates the need for an additional loudspeaker, as the surface can be used for sound reproduction at the same time. This means that housing openings previously required for transmitting the acoustics can be dispensed with. This also enables a waterproof design to be implemented.

Versatile customization

By using specific signal waveforms and superimposing them with an acoustic signal, Areus ensures that different feedbacks are possible.

Both the haptic switching sensation and the acoustic reproduction can be varied.

This allows conventional switching sensations to be simulated and switch noises as well as voice announcements, music or other sounds to be used as feedback. Optical feedbacks, e.g. LEDs to indicate the current state, can also be implemented.

Main features

  • Reproduction of conventional switches or pushbuttons
  • Use of piezo, capacitive or resistive sensors, as well as their combination
  • Activation of different surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, Plexiglas (depending on the sensor)
  • Resistant to dirt deposits and moisture
  • Enclosed surface, so insensitive to external factors such as water
  • Embedded solution, customizable and personalized
  • High quality optics
  • Wear-free
  • Actuators also available with integrated power output stage

Areas of application

  • Public areas, e.g. ticket machines, public transport
  • Medical technology, e.g. devices in a sterile area that must be operated with gloves
  • Automotive, e.g. switch panels or areas of the center console or in the steering wheel.
  • Building services, e.g. control panels on coffee machines, built-in appliances or washing machines, elevators
  • Industry, e.g. operation of machines and systems

Find more information about our HAPAK technology here.