The innovative thermal management system for fuel cell vehicles – efficiency rethought:

Seit März 2019 forscht ein sächsisches Projektkonsortium im Rahmen des HZwo Innovationsclusters an emissionsfreien Lösungen im Bereich der Brennstoffzellenkleinfahrzeuge, für die das Konsortium im Zuge des Verbundprojekts HZwo: FRAME – InTherm eine Plattform entwickelt.

A particular focus is on research into an innovative thermal management approach to optimize overall vehicle efficiency. This enables thermal energy to be transported within the vehicle in line with demand, thus achieving its optimum utilization in the overall system.

For the functional verification and the presentation of the efficiency level, the consortium is conceptualizing a research function model, which will be transferred to the set-up phase in the next project stage. Six project partners and over ten well-known automotive suppliers are involved in the implementation of this in subcontracts and as associated partners – including Areus.

After completion of the project, the consortium will have its own vehicle platform at its disposal, the structure of which can be modified and expanded in further projects to investigate a wide range of research questions thanks to its independence from OEMs. Thus, it can serve as a test and demonstration platform for new as well as existing Saxon players in the field of alternative propulsion systems for their research and development.

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